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This is Web site is for the elite. Not to be conceited, but to set the bar higher. People who strive to reach for life and what live has to bring. From everything from personal drive to find the right person to spend time with to how you appear to others. How we act, even when we feel others aren't looking.

light the flower above we are to look for the light in our lives. In love, work, play, our children, and our families. Smiling like the sun flower will brighten the lives around you, and in turn brighten your own life.

Posted by Jeff on February 17, 2009 Future comments

Sun Flower seeds

Much like Jeff stated above, the sun flower can represent the good nature of our selves and other. By being strong and delightful, the fruit or seeds of our good works will spread and be alight unto others.

Posted by Eric on March 3, 2009 Future comments


Daily inspiration

Like the song from George Strait (I Saw God Today", if we take the time to look around. We are able to see what God has made, everywhere. Not only the wonders of the world, but the wonders in each other. If we could put our judgements aside, at least until we get to know people we meet, our knowledge and wellbeing would grow enormously. More…

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